Firewhirl is one of the monsters in Elemental Assault. It is one of the original eight monsters (plus two secret legendary's) that the player could use. It was released in the game's first alpha demo release.


Evolution Edit

Firewhirl starts off as a small, hovering tornado with bits of fire flying inside it, black eyes with red pupils, and fire coming from the top of its body. It evolves into a taller but skinnier tornado with the small eyes and smaller fire. It evolves into a much bigger version, taller and wider with an flame which seems to come from one part of the top.

Leveling Edit

Firewhirl evolves at level 10 and level 20. This evolution timing is shared by most other Common monsters with a few exceptions.

Attacks Edit

Firewhirl starts off knowing two attacks, Fire Ram and Wind Cutter. at level 5 it learns Burn. At level 10 it learns Fire Buildup. At level 15 it learns Healing Winds. At level 20 it learns Overload. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Flaming Winds.

Description Edit

Firewhirl, contrary to popular belief, is actually a calmer, less violent monster than you would of thought. In fact, most of what he does is based on aiding his team.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Common

Gold if Sold: 600

Cost in-shop: 6500

Elements: Wind/Fire