Fireghast is a legendary monster that was added in Elemental Assault 1.2. He is the Type Staple for the Fire element. The creator says "It's not a chili pepper, just kinda looks like one."


Leveling Edit

Fireghast evolves at level 25 and level 40. This evolution timing is shared by all other Legendary monsters.

Attacks Edit

Firghast starts off knowing two attacks, Ghast Punch and Fireball. At level 5 it learns Mass Burning. At level 10 it learns Cyan Fire Burn. At level 15 it learns Cyan Mass Fire. At level 20 it learns Green Fire Scorch. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Green Inferno.

Description Edit

Born from a pit of ever-burning magical green fire, Fireghast's flames are as hot as the surface of the sun. It reverts anything in its path to charcoal. The green fire emitted by Fireghast is unquenchable, and it has been known to create massive blazes unintentionally. This monster is a must have against any Leaf monsters, but handle with care.

Other Stats Edit

Rarity Level: Legendary

Gold if Sold: 100K

Cost in-shop: N/A

Elements: Fire/None