Billowflame is one of the many monsters added in the 1.2 Update of Elemental Assault. It is the first Elite monster in the game.


Leveling Edit

Billowflame evolves at level 10, level 20, and level 35. This evolution timing is shared by all other Elite monsters.

Attacks Edit

Billowflame starts off knowing two attacks, Heavy Whip and Fireball. At level 5 it learns Wind Cutters. At level 10 it learns Billowave. At level 15 it learns Green Flame of Healing. At level 20 it learns Billowing Fireball. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Billowing Blaze.

Description Edit

Billowflame may look misshapen and harmless, but in fact his orange flame, enhanced by constant oxygen, burns at over 1000 degrees and can melt even the most resistant metals.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Elite

Gold if Sold: 10K

Cost in-shop: 10 Diamonds

Elements Fire/WInd